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TPMS system from China
TPMS system
Product Name: TPMS system
Model No.:CTO18305
U.Price: Negotiable
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms:T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
Product Origin: China
TPMS system enquête
Detailed Product Description

This TPMS system is our newest high tech product. It includes sensors, computer & Wireless communication etc high techs. It can Monitor and display four tire’s temperatures & pressures effectively at the same time, provided with Alarm function and so on.

The TPMS is made up of 1 host system and 4 sensors. The host system can be placed in the driving-room at will; the sensors are stuck on the wheel hub respectively. After the Automobile with this TPMS system started, the host will monitor and display every sensor’s (tire’s) temperatures & pressures situation.

This TPMS system adopts high degree enciphered data transmission mode, LCD display, it can transmit & display the data accurately & clear no matter under any circumstance.

TPMS system adds safety coefficient to your pet car, helping you grasping the dynamic condition inside the tires constantly, making you driving like the wind or lightning,fully enjoying driving pleasure.

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