China wholesale Sourcing


After Sales Service

The after sales department plays a major and important role to the organization as this department offers all clients a service of assistance and guidance regarding their profit. CTO Developers has a professional team, in which are dedicated to serving their clients to the up-most efficiency. This department manage all warranties include:

  1. On time delivery
  2. Shipping tracking
  3. Service complain and goods qualified complain
  4. Return management

Rush Service

It's important to understand that when you are ordering custom printed products, the products have to be manufactured and that takes a certain amount of time. It's not as simple as taking a product off of a shelf, placing it in a box, and shipping it to you. There are several steps (each of which takes time) to produce your order.
If you’re on a tight deadline, don’t despair – contact us immediately! We offer all kinds of items that can be imprinted in and delivered as far as per your request.

Logo Design and Artwork Service

Before you spend your hard earned money on promotional items, make sure you love your logo. If not, you might want to invest in having our skilled graphic artists develop some new concepts for you. We’ll give you some unique ideas and 2 revisions for $200 with any purchase.

Most goods especially promotional product and business gift distributors are typically smaller, even mom and pop businesses who lack the resources of a full service distributorship. CTO has a staff of talented designers making sure every order looks its best. If you don't have artwork, it's not a problem. Sketch out or send us a file describing what you're looking for and our designers can create new artwork, or re-create your existing artwork in a printable format. We will do simple typesetting of your name and message at no charge!

Fulfillment and Packaging

If you're planning to do a mailing, whether it's 50 holiday gifts or 5,000 promotional items, CTO can provide fulfillment services to meet your needs. If you're considering doing a mailing in-house, think ahead about who would do it, if they have the time, and how much that time is really worth. With our resources and infrastructure, chances are it's actually less expensive for us to do it for you. Having us do what we do best lets your staff focus on what they do best.

We can offer customized solutions to fit your needs. From special packaging and inserts to shipping method and schedule, we can execute your fulfillment project to your exact specifications. Want a brochure in the pocket of the item you're sending? No problem. Let us know exactly how you want each package to look when it is received and we can make it happen.

Our specialists can help you develop a fulfillment plan that suits your needs and your budget. To get started, take a look at our Fulfillment Planning Worksheet. This worksheet will help you define your project and take advantage of all the benefits we offer:

 •  Top-notch, professional service;
 •  Quick turnaround;
 •  Customized solutions to fit your needs;
 •  Special packaging and gift card abilities;
 •  The flexibility to ship via your carrier of choice; and
 •  Competitive pricing.

The next step is to call or email us who can help you every step of the way.

China Sourcing and Custom Merchandise

Please take noted that we are one of the leading wholesaler and distributor in Shenzhen, China
And having more than 7 years experience in exporting all kinds of goods to all over the world. All of our products are made in China, If you need unique merchandise, or simply want to take advantage of the opportunity to produce goods at a lower cost in China, we have the expertise to make the process almost as easy as sourcing domestically.

CTO has excellent China resources, so if you have enough lead time and are ordering an appropriate volume, we can manufacture your order in China at a considerable savings. Our China resources produce the same great quality product as what we source domestically and deliver reliably.

Looking for something that doesn't exist? Even if what you want doesn't exist yet, we can help you make it. CTO can manage the entire process, from developing specs to overnighting production samples so you're confident that the final product is exactly what you wanted.