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Absorbent towel multifunctional towel-blue from China
Absorbent towel multifunctional towel-blue
Product Name: Absorbent towel multifunctional towel-blue
Model No.:CTO66379
U.Price: Negotiable
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms:T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
Product Origin: China
Absorbent towel multifunctional towel-blue enquête
Detailed Product Description
The main features are as follows:
A strong absorbent Capacity: This product is suction force is five times more than ordinary towels, shampoo smear is dry;
2, clean power is three times more than ordinary towels skin Shuangjie; robust nature, can be tensile, tear, one arrived ten.
3, is the ideal towel substitutes: This product when dry was hard massive flooding that is soft, long-term repeated use.
4, the product of PVA + MIC by antibacterial mildew treatment is made of 100% environmental protection, to prevent bacteria invasion and reproduction.
PVA special antimicrobial treatment, soft texture, with fine structure, capillarity quickly drain surface water, and thus has a strong suction force, finished first graze the hair dry 90%. has swept Europe and the United States for many years, the daily necessities of the new life of the technological age.
PVA multi-purpose towel Introduction:
The human body using a Chamois PVA special antimicrobial treatment, texture soft, lint-free, has a fine structure, the use of capillary phenomenon will quickly drain surface water, and thus has a strong suction force, finished first graze a few next to the hair dry 90%. has swept Europe and the United States for many years, and daily necessities for the new life of the technological age. You see this year's Athens Olympics, the water of the national diving athletes Chamois eraser.
A. Strong water absorption capacity.
Two. Soft and delicate to the touch.
3. Nature of robust, tensile, tear, one arrived ten.
4. Environmental PVA material was hard lump in the dry to prevent bacteria invasion and reproduction.
A, hair care towel
Deerskin towel package on the hair after shampooing gently massage thirty seconds the hair is naturally dry. Eliminating the need for electromagnetic waves cause the hair with a hair dryer, dry, brown, oPen fork, a short crack. Deerskin towel it is a natural dry water, and will not damage the hair. And long-term use can protect hair more insurable hair young beautiful.
Second, beauty towel
Ms. remover, it is easy to use normal towels hereby raw bacteria, with a long time could lead to skin aging, skin loses its luster change dim. Deerskin towel 100% antibacterial design, does no harm to the skin. Deerskin towel on the face and gently massage the face of the surface oil and makeup, you can remove, prolonged use can play the role of smooth pores, skin care.
Three, baby towel
This product is soft and delicate, absorbent baby after a bath can quickly drain the body of water, to avoid the baby cold cold. Which can protect the delicate skin baby, your baby healthy and beautiful. Baby suddenly pee in bed for rapid absorption of urine, rescue mattress is very good with deerskin towel! Elderly: the elderly righteousness becoming virtual, shampoo colds, synthetic chamois towel is to resolve the worries of the elderly .
Fourth, Sports towel
Body will emit a lot of sweat in our exercise, when the deerskin towel is your product of choice, as long as you deerskin towel to take the body can quickly drain the sweat; swimming Phi anti-ultraviolet radiation in the back absorbent to absorb sweat and nice. 2 ℃ lower than the average towel contact with the skin at the cool than the average towel, sports and fitness to carry high quality goods, the national swimming diving athletes in the Olympic Games are deerskin towel.
Five, travel towel
Synthetic chamois towel when traveling into the packaging cans, can avoid the use of the hotel towels, but not like normal wet towel on the go moldy, sour or wet the other items within the travel Bag.
Six, pet towel
Particularly after bathing the pet is not easy to dry, easy to make the pet sick, deerskin towel to wrap the pet can smoke clean pet body of water in a short time to make more lovely, healthy pet.
Seven, Cleaning towels
This product adopts the high technology and advanced technology is refined; exceptionally strong water absorption, excellent touch. Surface soft and delicate; wipe after leaving the cotton and water mark. Durable, is a car beauty boutique; scrub applicable: windshield, body, seats, dashboards, etc. is highly desirable.
Eight, household appliances wiping towel
This product is especially strong absorbent tactile surface quality soft and delicate; wipe after leaving the cotton and water mark, used as a wipe home appliances ideal, can be used to scrub: TV, computer fluorescence frequency, and refrigerators, washing machines, pianos, etc. high-end home appliances, etc.; it effective care of high-grade surfaces, strong and effective to extend the life of its objects.
Nine, absorbent towel
This product is an exceptionally strong suction force, after washing the sweater deerskin as long as the two can be sucking up more than 90 percent of the water, can also be used to suction to try the wet carpet and thick clothing: will not damage the clothing of the original fiber , but also to avoid carpet consequences of long-term wet moldy smelly and vermin.
Ten, furniture, rub the towel
We usually wipe the furniture with a towel to scrub the towel out of cotton, leaving water marks and rough towels, easy to scratch the furniture surface. Gray deerskin towel scrub, again rub past decontamination, to force special free detergent, furniture polished without leaving water marks and remove the lint with excellent results. Very good clean, clear water gently a few can be cleaned, clean and essential supplies for the family health.
11, household glass, rub the towel
Deerskin towel to clean glass or bathroom Mirror do not leave any fibrous material, decontamination, go gray special forces, free detergent to clean up the kitchen appliances or for utensils into the dry utensils before disinfection cabinet

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