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Flashflight Frisbee from China
Flashflight Frisbee
Product Name: Flashflight Frisbee
Model No.:CTO45140
U.Price: Negotiable
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Payment Terms:T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
Product Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description
The Flashflight Frisbee is one cooool & fun glow product! We would state this is the ultimate glow in the dark frisbee.

Used day or night the flashflight frisbee does not only look fantastic but it is also a very well balanced, well made frisbee - this is no 'novelty' product!

There is no circuitry, wires or soldering which means the Flashflight frisbee can take all the knocks of a normal frisbee - its highly durable.
The Flashflight is made with a single high intensity LED along with fibre optics branching from the centre that gives it great glow all around. The red model has an absolutely astounding battery life of 120 hours with the green & blue still giving an impressive 20 hours. With any model you will have lots of time to really enjoy this frisbee. The battery however is very easy to replace - pop the Cap in the centre, replace & push the cap back on - couldnt be simpler! Batteries are freely available in the UK

The Flashflight frisbee runs on 2 CR2032 batteries which are widely available and cheap to replace, but you won't be doing that much as the set included will last up to a staggering 120 hours of constant use in the red colour and an impressive 20 hours in the other colours!

Without doubt the best LED frisbee available

Choose between single colours red, green or blue or the NEW MULTICOLOUR DISC-O

* Highly durable
* 120 hours battery life (red)
* 20 hours battery life (green)
* White in daylight
* Water resistant
* Floats
* Well balanced
* 27.2 cm diameter & 185g
* Battery included
* Easy to replace inexPensive battery
* Glows all over
* Highly visible
* Guaranteed to impress

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