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Most of the China manufacturers now sell their gadgets via professional distributor, because these middleman's websites collect the currently hot sell consumer electronics and gadgets, thousands of EBAY sellers and retailers get to these professional websites to find the latest design MP4 player. So the manufacturers dissolve their inefficiency oversea sales department and find a reliable distributor instead.

CTO International is one of these distributors, we are experienced purchasing agent, we know what kind of mp3 and mp4 players is most popular or will be popular, we are familiar with most of the local manufacturers and could make first respond to the change of market.

MP4 PLAYERS Purchase Guide

Product attribute and product price are the two basic elements which will mainly influence the decision of customer. Here we will discuss general parameters of the MP4 PLAYERS to find how to choose ideal products and how to save money when buying a MP4 PLAYER.

Most important parameters of MP4 PLAYER.

1: Screen and Display
As you all know, majority MP3 PLAYERS have a small and single-color screen, can only display txt type content. MP4 PLAYERS are portable video players, people use it watching movies and viewing pictures, so they all have multicolor TFT LCD screens, the size of the screens are in the range of 1.5 inch to 6 inch. The size less than1.8 inch always adopt 65K color CSTN LCD screen, the size bigger than 1.8 inch adopt 260k color TFT LCD screen, the size is bigger the price is higher. If you eagerly want to watch high clear video files by a media player, I suggest you buy a super wide screen MP4 PLAYERS with high definition display. Or if you care about the portability, the mp4 watches with 1.5 inch screen will be better. They are cheap and exquisite you may easily take them everywhere.

2: Capacity
Capacity is another essential parameter to influence the performance and to decide the price. The lowest capacity MP4 PLAYERS are 512MB, the highest are 200GB. MP4 PLAYER which has a capacity higher than 20GB will adopt expansive hard disk memory. Cheap 512MB flash memory MP4 PLAYERS could store about one hundred songs or a whole RMVB movie. Consider the effective and cost, I suggest you buy a 4GB or higher capacity flash memory MP4 PLAYERS or MP5 PLAYERS with an additional SD/MMC MEMORY CARD slot which could extent their limited capacity.

3: Power and Battery
When playing digital video files, MP4 PLAYERS have great consumption of power, this is often overlooked. It is amazing consumption when they perform more strong functions such as DV function with built-in digital camera or game function. So these portable media player adopt high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery, more and more latest MP4 PLAYERS support charging via USB by computer system. When buying a MP4 PLAYER, you should give an eye on the introduction to inspect how long the time the power will be swallowed up.

4: Additional Functions
The latest players also include features not covered in the above. For example, some mp4 media players come with a built-in FM tuner, which is very useful if you get tired of your MP3 music. Some mp4 players have built in camera which allows you take pictures or short videos. Other useful functions include AV out supporting, E-BOOK reading etc.

5: Conclusion
There are many considerations to think about when purchasing an MP4 player. To get the most suitable player, you want to think about how you will use the player. Usage should drive your purchase decision. The other thing to take note of is to shop around, both online and offline – compare prices before shelling out the cash. Good luck hunting for that MP4 player!
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    Model No.:CTO1089
    Description: Specification (1.5 and 2.5) 1) Supports multi-language display & Support WMA/WAV/ADPCM/PCM audio        format 2) Standard USB 1.1 interface, with built-in SD/MMC card slot  3) Supports SD car...


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    Model No.:CTO1086
    Description: Features:  1) This MP4 Mobile Cinema (MPD) can decode MPEG/WMA/MPV audio & video media     files and also has USB mass storage interface 2) It can give you the best stereo music everywhere and ...


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