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Multifunction UV Money Detector from China
Multifunction UV Money Detector
Product Name: Multifunction UV Money Detector
Model No.:CTO32187
U.Price: Negotiable
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms:T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
Product Origin: China
Multifunction UV Money Detector enquête
Detailed Product Description

1. External Introduction

1)Selecting switch(ultravioletwhitelightpower on/off)
2)Magnetic indicator
3)Magnetic head
4)Perspective window ofwhite light
5)Ultraviolet tube(9W forone piece)
6)Magnifier(septuple, 55× 34mm, It can change to double septuple, 16mm)

2. Technical Standards

1)Ambient Temperature: 0~40º C
Ambient Humidity: ≤85%
Sunlight Humidity: 200~800LX
2)Power Voltage: 110V or 220V± 10%. 50~60Hz
3)Power Consumption: 16W
4)Unit Size: 185× 120× 130mm

3. Main Feature
Ultraviolet detectionwhite light perspective detectionmagnetic ink detection(sound or light)Alarmmangifier

4. Function and Operation
4. Ultraviolet detection

Connect the power select to ultraviolet switch. Put the
Banknote on the table. Under ultraviolet lamp. Something
Has fluorescent reaction when they are with fluorescent
Ink(fluorescentpowder)or fiber. According to this
Principia, the ultraviolet lamp can detect out the
Counterfeit banknotestock otecreditcard ravelling
Chequeuorescent stampsfluorescent mark and other legal
Document etc. Furthermore it can check and sort out all
Kinds of man-made fiber and its promiscuous degree.

Because the ultraviolet reaction in the front and back
Of banknote is different, the banknote must be turned
Back to detect once again to avoid the suspect one is

4.2 white light Perspective Detection

Turn the white light switch on, put the banknotestockcheque on the perspective window. It can check the definition of water markwirepatternfigure and detect out whether there are painted out mark on the banknote.

4.3 Magnetic Ink Detection

Magnetic detection is only fit for detecting the banknote with magnetic ink. (use your hand to put the magnetic ink of banknote to touch the magnetic head and left right rub, if ink neaction, magnetic indicator and send out alarm. That means the banknote is true, not counterfeit)

4.4Magnifier Detection

It isavailable when the ultraviolet tube or white light tube is on.

The banknote is detected clearly accurately by using this function.

5.0Remarks for Maintenance

Please avoid using the unit under a strong sunlight, since it will affect the definition of ultraviolet reaction

Don't put any magnetic material near the unit when using the magnetic ink detection to avoid producting jamming.

Use alcohol to chean the magnetic head regularly and clean the dust on the ultraviolet tube with towel to avoid affecting

The detection result.
The power must be cut off when finishing detection.

Please disconnect the power cord under cleaning or

Maintenance or don't use the unit for long time.

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