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Dual Funtions Infrared Thermometer from China
Dual Funtions Infrared Thermometer
Product Name: Dual Funtions Infrared Thermometer
Model No.:CTO34825
U.Price: Negotiable
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms:T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
Product Origin: China
Dual Funtions Infrared Thermometer enquête
Detailed Product Description


Model No


Measurement range -60~500°C(-76~932°F)
Full Range Accuracy (Tamb=23+/-3°C) Tobj=0~500°C:
+/-2% of reading or 2°C (4°F) whichever is greater.
Tobj=-60~0°C: +/-(2°C+0.05/degree)
Distance: Spot 8:1
Mode Ave, Dif, Hi/Low Alarm, Real Time Max/Min, Lock


  • IP54 Splash Proof
  • High-end arithmetic: Real Time Max/Min and DIF; AVG mode
  • User Friendly Interface: 5-Key
  • Large LCD Screen with bright amber color backlight
  • Various TC probes are available

General Description

TN806 is the ultimate tool for temperature measurements.
It contains 2 most reliable sensors:
1) IP54 Splash Proof
2) Non-contact Micro Machineing Thermopile
3) K-type Thermocouple socket

Such an arrangement can fulfill most of temperature measurement requirements:
Use the Non-contact for instant; not-reachable situation.
Use the thermocouple for high precision; non-surface situation.

TN806 also come with an ultra long battery life (24days for Alkaline battery), no 9V battery,
It use the most affordable and available AAA size battery.

Learn Emissivity with theT806
Emissivity is a difficult concept for general user to catch.
But, with TN806, it's easy to get, just use the contact thermometer to get the true temperature,
Then use the Non-contact to get the surface temperature, Adjust the Emissivity until they are the same.
Next time, use the correct Emissivity for that object. No more guess work, no more looking up on Emissivity Table.

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