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USB Desk lamp from China
USB Desk lamp
Product Name: USB Desk lamp
Model No.:CTO10303
U.Price: Negotiable
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms:T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
Product Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description

Key Specifications/Special Features:

    Specific Character
    USB desk lamp is a new develop product catering for the person who working beside desk of using computer under light in long term.
    1. Gentle ray, bright, without frequency change, benefit form prevention eyesight,
    2. By using lowest work vnltage: 5V, safety& reliability high efficiendy, saving energy,
    3. It makes 20 times long life than normal daylight by placing exceeds age’s cold light tube.
    4. The lamp which not only can form a complete set with USB computer socket, but also can directly set with city power supply,
    5. Connect lampshade & lamp base in soft tube. Economic beauty. Conveniences on easy handle light direction.
    Use guide
    Connect desk lamp’s USB plug with computer SUB socked (or power Adapter USB socket),click right or left key for switching lamp.
    Lamp maintain notion
    1. Avoid dropping water in lamp shell
    2. Keep space with unstable constitution and easy fire goods
    3. Be careful not to cover cloth or paper on lamps
    4. Do not use in humid areas in long term
    5. Do not put metal or easy fire goods in lamo seam
    How to do when meet malfunctions
    1. Check on power switch or socket to see it is ok
    2. Check on USB socket to see it is in good connect
    If above suggestion couldn’t help cleaning malfunctions, please pull out power plug &inform

The use methods:

  • the modeling is very light, handy and exquisite, put it on computer desk can saving space and it can protect your eyesight
  • it is convenient to cooperate with portable computer for the user who will go out for work to carry.
  • it can insert cable to use indePendently, as your bedside lamp group of bedroom being more beautiful and practical (special-purpose voltage transformer)

pay attention:

  • it can't immerge water, fall and collide

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