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Drop-in bathroom sinks are easy to install and give your bathroom a customized, finished look. There’s no sawing, measuring or manipulating. All you have to do is drop the sink into your bathroom countertop with a relatively few parts that you can buy at virtually any hardware store. It’s that simple.

Drop-in sinks are customizable, too. They come in a wide selection of colors, glosses and finishes for all of your decorating needs. Set your bathroom apart with a drop in bathroom sink in any type of finish you want: copper, stainless steel or an individually crafted or hand painted drop-in bathroom sinks.

Drop-in bathroom sinks are stylish yet very functional designs that you’ll enjoy in your bathroom.

Drop-in bathroom sinks will complement the look of your bathroom and can be installed quickly and easily. CTO is the online retail store for drop-in bathroom sinks.

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