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Stone Farm Sinks
Stone farm sinks are a popular option for rustic or country kitchens. They often have a deeper base than a traditional sink, but because of their look, can easily integrate into the design of the kitchen and replace a traditional cabinet sink base.

Stone farm sinks are installed a bit differently, because they don’t have a deck. The faucet and accessories are installed directly into the countertop behind the sink bowl.

Apart from the design, the unique look of stone farm sinks make them stand out. Stone farm sinks are hand carved from a single block of natural stone such as granite or other material. Just as no two pieces of stone are exactly alike, no two stone farmhouse sinks are exactly alike, either.

That rustic look and feel – which can come from handcarved stone or machining – gives stone farmhouse sinks their unique look, texture, feel, design and even color. CTO has many stone farm sinks for sale.

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