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Cooking Accessories
Catering equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and these cooking accessories are no different. Economically priced, these cooking accessories are necessities in food preparation and no commercial kitchen can function without such items as mixing bowls,brushes, cutters, boards and slabs. Scoops, decorating tools, measures, funnels and other utensils are essentials in both the commercial and domestic kitchen. Thermometers and timers, trolleys and stands and other storage items are also found in this category and are items that are often overlooked or taken for granted.
Cooking Utensils
Always in demand in the commercial kitchen, you can never have too many cooking utensils. High use items such as ladels, scoops, spoons and spatulas are always in demand as are tongs, whisks, scraper and turners. Other cooking utensils which feature in a chefs toolbox include garlic pressers, pizza cutters and knife accessories. Frequently cooking utensil sets are available at wholesale prices. All these cooking utensils are made from the best possible materials and are very reasonably priced.
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