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Measure accurately and consistently, and you'll be giving your recipes a head start on working out the way you intended, every time.

For liquids, measuring cups will give you accurate quantities.

For solids, use cups only for estimating and for when an ingredient's exact measure isn't critical to the recipe. When you want accuracy in the quantity of solids, use a scale to weigh it. Using a scale is a must when making delicate sauces and pastries, where accuracy is vital.

Measuring cups sized to the top rim usually work better in obtaining exacting measures, since you can use a scraper, spatula or ruler to level solids. To more accurately gauge measures on thick glass cups that have graduated markings, check the measure on a level surface, and from the side of the cup. It is all too easy to make a mistake in a measurement if you view glass cups markings from the top.
  • Silicone Measuring Cup

    Silicone Measuring Cup
    Model No.:CTO31429
    Description: These innovative and fun measuring cups are sure to "pop up" every time you are baking. Set of 4: 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1 cup capacit Color/Pattern: Avocado green/grey frame ...


  • PP Measure Cup

    PP Measure Cup
    Model No.:CTO31430
    Description: Material: PP Size: UP: 10.5cm, H: 11.3cm Capacity: 500ml Packing: 96PCS/ctn Ctnsize: 45*24*36cm ...


  • Home Measuring Cup Set

    Home Measuring Cup Set
    Model No.:CTO24899
    Description: Sizes:  1) S: 60ml 2) M: 80ml 3) L: 125ml 4) XL: 250ml Inner packing: 4pcs/set...


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