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Every standard-issue spy gadget is covered here; listening devices, recording pens, covert spy cameras, even digital camera binoculars all at direct from China wholesale prices.

Don't forget that the price listed in the category view is for single units only and you can get awesome wholesale discounts when you order in bulk. Discounts usually start when ordering as few as two pieces with bigger discounts being offered for higher-volume orders.

  • Thermometer Motion Activated Spy Camera with 4GB internal memory

    Thermometer Motion Activated Spy Camera with 4GB internal memory
    Model No.:CTO56226
    Description: Thermometer Motion Activated Spy Camera with 4GB internal memoryDescription:This spy camera can act as a monitor, alarm or guard  and can work for about 250 hours after fully charged. This motion acti...


  • USB Snakescope Camera

    USB Snakescope Camera
    Model No.:CTO56223
    Description: Description:Flexible inspecting and under-door video camera for getting into hard-to-reach places (even spying on the next room!). This product is often known as a snakescope camera. With the long and...


  • Sound-Activated Belt Style Spy Camcorder, Hidden Camera

    Sound-Activated Belt Style Spy Camcorder, Hidden Camera
    Model No.:CTO56222
    Description: Sound-Activated Belt Style Spy Camcorder, Hidden Camera Description:This unit looks like a belt exactly and no one would realize there is a hidden camera inside. It can be used for evidence collectio...


  • Surveillance Spy Camera Clock with Motion Detection (High-definition + 4GB)

    Surveillance Spy Camera Clock with Motion Detection (High-definition + 4GB)
    Model No.:CTO56220
    Description: High Definition Spy Camera Clock with Motion Detection (4GB)Highlights... Spy Clock with 4GB Micro SDHC Card  Captures high-definition 1280 x 960 30FPS video (with audio)  Instant picture snapsho...


  • The Super Sneak - Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit

    The Super Sneak - Wireless Audio Receiver Spy Kit
    Model No.:CTO56218
    Description: Wireless audio receiver spy kit Highlights... Completely wireless kit with transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece  Virtually undetectable earbud  Discreet receiver inside wallet  Uses walki...


  • (4GB,30FPS) DVR Spy Camera - Keychain Car Alarm Remote Style

    (4GB,30FPS) DVR Spy Camera - Keychain Car Alarm Remote Style
    Model No.:CTO56214
    Description: DVR Spy Camera - Keychain Car Remote Style (4GB, 30FPS)Highlights 4GB USB storage device  Virtually undetectable spy camera  Great for candid photos and video  Looks exactly like a car alarm rem...


  • Spy Pen Camera (8GB, 1281 x 960, HIFI)

    Spy Pen Camera (8GB, 1281 x 960, HIFI)
    Model No.:CTO56212
    Description: Spy Pen Camera (8GB)Highlights...  Camcorder hidden inside a pen  Real pen you can write with!  Comes with 8GB TF / microSD card free!  High definition videos (1281 x 960 resolution)  HIFI audi...


  • Wired Mini Spy Camera - Color CMOS Sensor(NTSC)

    Wired Mini Spy Camera - Color CMOS Sensor(NTSC)
    Model No.:CTO56209
    Description: Wired Mini Spy Camera - Color CMOS Sensor - NTSCCMOS mini wired spy camera for covert super hard to spot color surveillance.This is a perfect device to keeping an eye on sensitive areas without anyone...


  • RFID Security 2.5 Inch SATA HDD Enclosure - Encrypted with Two RFID Key Tags

    RFID Security 2.5 Inch SATA HDD Enclosure - Encrypted with Two RFID Key Tags
    Model No.:CTO56207
    Description: RFID Security 2.5 Inch SATA HDD Enclosure - Encrypted HDD ContentsKeep your important hard disk drive contents safe from prying eyes with this amazing RFID HDD enclosure!This 2.5 Inch SATA HDD enclosu...


  • MP3 Gadget Pen + Spy Device - 2GB Black Steel w/ MIC

    MP3 Gadget Pen + Spy Device - 2GB Black Steel w/ MIC
    Model No.:CTO56206
    Description: MP3 Gadget Pen + Spy Device - 2GB Flash Disk DesignMP3 Gadget Pen + Spy Device - 2GB Flash Disk Design. Fully functioning gadget black steel pen direct from the best gadget makers in China, featuring ...


  • 128MB Spy Recording Device - Voice + Telephone Recording

    128MB Spy Recording Device - Voice + Telephone Recording
    Model No.:CTO56205
    Description: 128MB Spy Recording Device - Voice + Telephone RecordingSmall and lightweight 128MB Spy Recording Gadget that will record noise/voices as well as recording telephone conversations without anyone ever ...


  • Clock Radio With Hidden Pinhole Color Camera Set - radio & clock Built-in

    Clock Radio With Hidden Pinhole Color Camera Set - radio & clock Built-in
    Model No.:CTO56204
    Description: Clock Radio With Hidden Pinhole Color Camera Set - Spy camera that acts as a radio and clockClock Radio With Hidden Pinhole Color Camera Set. This surveillance system is a great looking old fashione...


  • Spy Cap Hidden Recorder - Baseball Cap Style

    Spy Cap Hidden Recorder - Baseball Cap Style
    Model No.:CTO56203
    Description: Spy Cap Hidden Recorder - Spy Kit with Camera + DVR + SD CardBaseball cap style "Spy Cap" with wireless DVR and memory card for making hidden recordings.This new edition of our popular "Spy Cap Hidden...


  • Anti-Surveillance Camera Detector - Powerful spy camera detection device

    Anti-Surveillance Camera Detector - Powerful spy camera detection device
    Model No.:CTO56202
    Description: Anti-Surveillance Camera Detector - Powerful spy camera detection deviceA highly effective, practical device to detect spies or sleazy co-workers. By activating this compact box, simply peer through t...


  • Mini Video Audio Spy Camera - Chewing Gum Wrapper Sized

    Mini Video Audio Spy Camera - Chewing Gum Wrapper Sized
    Model No.:CTO56201
    Description: Mini Video Audio Spy Camera - Chewing Gum Wrapper SizedMini spy camera with audio and video recording, perfectly sized to be put inside a chewing gum wrapper for almost undetectable covert surveillanc...


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