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Are you looking for a perfect coffee table in your living room, but hate that it will be forever used as just a table? Do you want this piece of furniture as a centerpiece, but is good enough for practicality and function? If you are planning to do these things, then you’d be happy to know that your coffee table can be turned into the perfect centerpiece if you find the perfect one.

Coffee tables shouldn’t be left just as that table in the center of the living room. When chosen right, it can be a great centerpiece, with the added function of being a table and storage for little knick knacks we leave about in the living room. In order to do this, we should first take a good look at our room and choose what kind of coffee table would be best suited for the style of the space.

  • Aluminium Table with Poker Pattern

    Aluminium Table with Poker Pattern
    Model No.:CTO48702
    Description: Desc: Aluminium Table with Poker PatternPacking (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 91.5×91.5×75 cmLoading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 78...


  • Wicker Coffee Table

    Wicker Coffee Table
    Model No.:CTO48691
    Description: Desc: Wicker Coffee TablePacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 121.5*61.5*43.5Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 142N.W.(kgs):11.6...


  • Stainless Steel Table Square 90*90cm with Teak top

    Stainless Steel Table Square 90*90cm with Teak top
    Model No.:CTO48690
    Description: Desc: Stainless Steel Table Square 90*90cm with Teak topPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 91.5*12.5*87.5Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 546...


  • Stainles Steel Table 200*100cm with granite top

    Stainles Steel Table 200*100cm with granite top
    Model No.:CTO48689
    Description: Desc: Stainles Steel Table 200*100cm with granite topPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 211.5*19*111.5Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 125...


  • Stainless Steel Bistro Table

    Stainless Steel Bistro Table
    Model No.:CTO48688
    Description: Desc: Stainless Steel Bistro TablePacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm):68.5*68.5*74Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 153...


  • Louise Stainless Steel Coffee Table with Glass Top

    Louise Stainless Steel Coffee Table with Glass Top
    Model No.:CTO48660
    Description: Desc: Louise Stainless Steel Coffee Table with Glass TopPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 104.5*12*73Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 912N.W.(kgs): 19.02...


  • STAINLESS STEEL Table with Teak Wood TOP

    STAINLESS STEEL Table with Teak Wood TOP
    Model No.:CTO48642
    Description: Desc: STAINLESS STEEL Table with Teak Wood TOPPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 106.5×14×94.5 cmLoading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 276N.W.(kgs):/...


  • STAINLESS STEEL coffee table with wicker

    STAINLESS STEEL coffee table with wicker
    Model No.:CTO48639
    Description: Desc: STAINLESS STEEL coffee table with wickerPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 91.5×84.5×76.5 cmLoading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 84N.W.(kgs):/ New development from our old design   NEW COLLECTION ...


  • Stainless Steel Armchair with Black Wicker

    Stainless Steel Armchair with Black Wicker
    Model No.:CTO48584
    Description: Desc: Stainless Steel Armchair with Black WickerPacking  (Pcs): 4pcs/ctnCtn Size(cm):69*54*99Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs):544N.W.(kgs): Kingbird's Products are Good for the Meetings and the Family Gat...


  • STAINLESS STEEL Coffee Table with Wicker and Table Top

    STAINLESS STEEL Coffee Table with Wicker and Table Top
    Model No.:CTO48582
    Description: Desc: STAINLESS STEEL Coffee Table with Wicker and Table TopPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 101.5×61×47.5 cmLoading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 152N.W.(kgs):/...


  • Lily Square Table

    Lily Square Table
    Model No.:CTO48562
    Description: Desc: Lily Square TablePacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm):91.5*10*91.5Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 676N.W.(kgs): N/A...


  • Mesh Round Table, with umbrella hole

    Mesh Round Table, with umbrella hole
    Model No.:CTO48561
    Description: Desc: Mesh Round Table, with umbrella holePacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm):126*17*126Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 165N.W.(kgs):/...


  • Louise Steel Extension Table

    Louise Steel Extension Table
    Model No.:CTO48479
    Description: Desc: Louise Steel Extension Table 218/168*100cmPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 172*22*104Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 146N.W.(kgs): 48 The Louise XVI period design culture  A smooth connecti...


  • Louis Steel Coffee Table 100x68.5cm

    Louis Steel Coffee Table 100x68.5cm
    Model No.:CTO48476
    Description: Desc: Louis Steel Coffee Table 100x68.5cmPacking  (Pcs): 1pc/ctnCtn Size(cm): 100.5*8*73Loading QTY for 1x40GP(pcs): 912N.W.(kgs): 13Louise Collection - Wrought Iron / Steel Patio Collection, was desi...


  • Wrought iron coffee table with glass top

    Wrought iron coffee table with glass top
    Model No.:CTO48468
    Description: Desc.: Wrought iron coffee table with glass topPacking: 1pc/ctnCtn size(cm):111.5*47*72.5 * Huatong's New design for outdoor furniture. * Wrought Iron material keep the nice appearannce. * The red col...


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