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Buick Keychains from the Internet's Number One Online Keychain Store Buick is a brand owned by General Motors, and is often billed as the number one American luxury car brand. Although Buicks are not sold in Europe, GM owned subsidiary Saab is said to take its place in the European market. Buicks has a well established market in China and is trying to extend its successful designs there to its American editions. LeSabre, Lucerne and Enclave, the latest SUV from Buick brand, are the presently available models in America.

Associated with prestige and solid engineering, Buicks success stems from David Dunbar Buicks innovation in developing the first overhead valve engine. On the back of his success, David Dunbar Buicks made a series of acquisitions which later culminated in General Motors as we know it today. Ensuring that his brand assets did not compete against each other, he positioned his distinct brands to target different market segments, which in a way was productive idea. Buick, along with Cadillac, is targeted at the high-end market while other GM brands offer less prestigious models.

Our collection of Buick key chains is equally as impressive as their 4 wheel counterparts exhibiting the same ritzy gloss and appealing elegance. Our chrome Buick key chains and our silver and leather models are stylish and classy and are intricately designed and the finish is immaculate. When you are looking for a Buick key chain to indicate that you are proud of your car, there are no better deals available than what has to offer.

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