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Ergonomically designed Gel Mouse Mat for maximum comfort to prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. The ultimate soft gel mouse mat promotes comfort and support. The gel cushion creates a GelFlex Comfort Zone that contours to your wrist's natural curves and movements and helps reduce hand and wrist stress that can lead to Repetitive Motion Disorders.
  • TNT mouse pad

    TNT mouse pad
    Model No.:CTO27441
    Description:    Size:237*207*23mm  Packing:OPP bag<!--                      Package:               --> Material :Gel+Lycra Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates. It is of Er...


  • Eggplant Cloth Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

    Eggplant Cloth Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
    Model No.:CTO27446
    Description: Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates. It is of Ergonomically and uniquely contoured design, which  compliments any work surface.  The egglpant shape (a little smaller than SC001)...


  • Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates

    Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates
    Model No.:CTO27442
    Description: Size:227*202*22mm  Packing:OPP bag<!--                      Package:               --> Material :Gel+LyrcaCloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates.   It is of Ergono...


  • Cloth Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

    Cloth Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
    Model No.:CTO27445
    Description: Size:260x220x23mm  Packing:OPP bag<!--                      Package:               --> Material :Gel+LycraCloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates.  It is of Ergonom...


  • Special Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

    Special Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
    Model No.:CTO27448
    Description: Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates. It is of Ergonomically and uniquely contoured design, which  compliments any work surface.  The shape of this gel wrist rest mouse pad is a ...


  • Small Special Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

    Small Special Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
    Model No.:CTO27443
    Description: Size:200*183*22mm  Packing:OPP bag <!--                      Package:               --> Material :Gel+LycraCloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad This mouse pad has ROHS certificates.  ...


  • Busty Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

    Busty Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
    Model No.:CTO27444
    Description: Size:272×218×4.5mm  Packing:Blister pack<!--                      Package:               --> Material :Gel+Lycra has ROHS certificates. This quality mouse pad features a CLEVER e...


  • Rectangle Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

    Rectangle Cloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
    Model No.:CTO27447
    Description: Size:210x180x22mm  Packing:OPP Bag<!--                      Package:               --> Material :Gel+LycraCloth Top Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad has ROHS certificates.It is of Ergonomica...


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