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fingerprint mouse
Product Name: fingerprint mouse
Model No.:CTO23265
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Product Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description

The fingerprint Mouse is the first global swipe sensor fingerprint mouse. It is aimed at computer protection and internet fingerprint identification. FMS100 is portable and difficult to lose by the fingerprint identification. It shows the idea that it is safe and convenience to use fingerprint instead of password.
FMS100’s swipe sensor is slim, cheap, no rudimental fingerprint and etc. So it will have a big market. it can set computer protection through fingerprint identification software, including account and password protection, file protection and etc, and all computer operation can be controlLED by individual fingerprint.
FMS100 uses true-print technology, fingerprint protection, dynamic optimizing algorithm and etc to make sure the high efficient identification and data safety.
During the era of technology, FMS100 is very suitable as the fingerprint identification product for the security system.


  Security product certification awarded by State Secrecy Bureau(Number : ISSTEC2005YT0279)

  • Global first swipe fingerprint mouse.
  • Fingerprint instead of the password, safe and convenience.
  • Unique dynamic optimizing algorithm, better image quality.
  • Fingerprint and security key make file encryption and decryption more convenience and safe.

  • Windows Auto-Login
    The fingerprint Mouse provides individual user its own personal information bank, only the authenticated fingerprints allow to active application and computer. The storage of authenticated fingerprints automatically detects all required fields, such as user name and password, and inserts the provided information. To login Windows, it only need a simple swipe!
  • Screen Saver Lock
    When the "Screen Saver Lock" actives, only authorized person can unlock the Screen Saver or password, no need to set waiting time. Only a correct fingerprint authentication can resume your PC from screen saver. The mean function of "Screen Saver Lock" is to disable the Keyboard and the mouse for unauthorized user.
  • Fingerprint Management
    Use fingerprint to instead of ID/PW information associated with convenience and security, and there is no need to memorize and worry about your password leaked out or broken by hackers. After fingerprint identification, your user name and password will be automatically shown on the screen. Users will no longer need to memorize their account IDs and passwords.
  • Data Encryption
    File & Folder encryption/decryption prevents accidental or corrupt information leakage. When the user wants to encrypt individual files or folders on the computer, the user only need to simply swipe authenticated fingerprints, then the file or folder will be encrypted or decrypted automatically. It is a snap! Without either the authenticated fingerprints or master password, the file or folder can not be access.
  • Authentication terminals
    With more and more people use the biometrics technology as the identity authentication such as the e-bank, e-commerce and etc, the mouse can work not only as the convoy of the important data but also the authentication terminals. One mouse connects you with the safe and convenient life!

 Basic Specification 1.Product color: silver black
2. Product net weight: 90g.
3. Package weight: 410g
4.Product dimension: 112*62*35 mm
 Electric 1. Voltage: 5V
2. Current: <140 mA
4. ESD : > 15KV
5. Interface: USB 1.1
6. Work mode : Optical
7. Resolution: 500 dpi
 Environment Requirement 1. Temperature: 0°C~70°C
2. Humidity: 0% ~ 85%
 Langue Simple Chinese /Traditional Chinese and English
 Program install Bio-Me
 Fingerprint Remarks
 Fingerprint Sensor 1. Semi-conductor sensor
2. Swipe Capturing technology
3. Resolution: 500 dpi
4. Capturing area: 13.4*0.6 mm (192*4 matrix)
5. Capturing speed:37 frame/sec
6. Swipe speed: ~47 cm/sec
7. Erosion: >10M times, corrosion protection.
 Fingerprint algorithm 1. FAR: 0.0001% *
2. FRR: 0.01% *
3. Registration time: ≥ 3
4. Matching: 1:1 ,1:N
5. Matching time: < 1S

  *theoretical value
  our company reserved the right when changing the remarks without reminding.

System requirement
  • OS Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional
  • CPU P III 700 above
  • Memory 128MB
  • USB 1.1/2.0

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