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Compact Infrared Thermometer from China
Compact Infrared Thermometer
Product Name: Compact Infrared Thermometer
Model No.:CTO34818
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Product Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description


Model No


Measurement range -33~220°C( -27~428°F )
Full Range Accuracy
(Tamb=23±3 °C)
±2% of reading or 2°C (4°F) whichever is greater
Distance: Spot 1:1
Mode Max, Min, Lock, Foldable Stand


  • National Lab Standard Traceable
  • Certificate of Calibration Available (COC Optional)
  • IR-SoC technology (Infrared System on Chip) and Batch Calibration technology drive the dimensions and cost to the lowest limits
  • New Low voltage technology, no more 9V battery
  • Adjustable Emissivity
  • Compact Size: You can put 2 TN1 in shirt pocket
  • Capable of measuring small objects in near range
  • Equipped with a mini-stand (like a trIPod), and can Monitor temperature continuously for hours
  • Work as a Infrared Thermometer and replace traditional LIG (Liquid In Glass)
  • Taiwan Official Excellence Winner 2002
  • Excellent Accuracy: TN105k provide even better accuracy than TN105:

General Description

TN1 series products are extra compact size infrared thermometer fitted well in the pocket.
Large LCD display and easy to use interface make this thermometer become the most useful tool in checking temperature.
Within one second, no more waiting for minutes as traditional contact type thermometer does.

Anti-Thermal Shock Feature of TN1 Series

IRT (Infrared Thermometer) is an instant magic.
When you take it from outdoor to indoor (or from one room to another room), you have to wait for 30 minutes. "30 minutes" is absolutely not "instant". Most of IRT suffered from such flaw.
By Many-year-experience in high precision clinical infrared thermometer (in EN12470, Error due to 10degC thermal shock must be less than 0.2degC!) Finite Element Analysis of heat transfer; ZyTemp had overcome this barrier.

A simple test, according to the test method described in EN12470 Paragraph 7.6 Testing for compliance of accuracy under changing environmental conditions, clearly shows that ZyTemp TN105 performs better than competitor's model, which usually has a higher price than TN105.
Error of M model can reach 1.6degC and require 30minutes to stabilize, while TN105 is only 0.7degC and stabilize in 7minutes.

Since a test can be easily performed, you don't have a standard & stable blackbody:
Setup a very stable target . Hint: use a large milk Bottle (2 liter), fill the bottle with water, wait for 3 hours to stabilize, that's a very stable target, with thermal time constant about 100 minutes
Put the IRT outdoor (say 15degC) for 1 hour.
Bring IRT back to indoor (say 25degC),
Measure the temperature of the Bottle by the IRT every minute.
You will find the reading drift within 30 minutes unless it's a ZyTemp Anti-Thermal Shock IRT: T105 or T105i2.

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