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Product Name: Air Purifiers
Model No.:CTO30220
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Product Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description
Air cleaning luminaire is an anion air cleaner, to have built-in fan may remote puff out anion, and optional apPend perfume thimerosal and vinegar. Add odorant and step up disinfection availably to prevent respivatory disease and infection.
WTHCN company's air purification line of products all have break IDE simulate able. Be Capable of create same as natural's anion IDE. Take you with family conominium man and nature become nicety space. Take you life space to keep fresh and clean forever. Let you're steeped in nature's balmy suffusion it and pastoral life to share.
The design are exquisite and blend cars \modern work and home ambient individuation pursue.

Selling Point of Products:
1. Decomposes in fast the vehicle the benzene, the formaldehyde, the Automobile exhaust and so on noxious gas, eliminates the repair pollution, to go to the dust smog and the pollen and so on, crisp air. Eliminates the bacterium, the virus fast, man the insect and so on.
2. Built-in ventilator, speeds up the air greatly the fluidity, causes the space short-time to fill the anoin.
3. Three set of power source plans, the installment is convenient, in vehicle interpolation on cigar Lighter, indoor available 5V handset battery Charger or USB power source then.
4. May increase the perfume, along with the ion wind automatic sending out fragrance, enjoys the garden fragrant breath.
5. When bedroom sleep uses, can improve the sleep environment, expands the blood vessel, is advantageous in hypertension and the heart blood vessel of brain illness patient's condition restoration.
6. Pair harnesses while the personnel carries on the ecology type root brain health care, Promotion metabolism, the adjustment nerve function, achieves the relieve fstigue, the alleviation pressure and the irritable mood effect.
7. Careful design, the modelling is fine, eagerly anticipates the fashion.
8. Works for 3 hours, the formaldehyde, the benzene, the ammonia drop proportion surpasses 90% (for details sees survey report).
9. Has the compass function, momentarily examines the direction.

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