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  •  Ionic Air Freshener for Bathrooms and Small Space

     Ionic Air Freshener for Bathrooms and Small Space
    Model No.:CTO1214
    Description: Features: 1) Reduce airborne allergens and irritants 2) Totally silent, no motors or fans used 3) No filters to replace ever 4) Lower power consumption 5) Easy to operate 6) Compact and lightwei...


  • Intelligent Air Purifier

    Intelligent Air Purifier
    Model No.:CTO20231
    Description: Bacterium killing rate >99.95% Formaldehyde purifying rate >92.8% Benzenes purifying rate >87.56% Ammonia purifying rate >98% TVOC  purifying rate >95.8% Ozone Density <0.05...


  • Air Purifier for HVAC

    Air Purifier for HVAC
    Model No.:CTO20233
    Description: Bacterium killing rate 99.95%-99.98% Formaldehyde purifying rate >92.8% Benzenes purifying rate >87.56% Ammonia purifying rate >98% TVOC  purifying rate >95.5% Negative Ion O...


  • Ozone Ionic Air Purifier

    Ozone Ionic Air Purifier
    Model No.:CTO30229
    Description: Our product adopts the patent technology and are combined the lithium battery, plasma generator, fragrance as one body. The advantages as below. Through the outlet of air conditioner in car, the oxyge...


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