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lover house
lover house
Model No.:CTO485
Description: lover house...
Quality Sunglasses MP3
Quality Sunglasses MP3
Model No.:CTO1133
Description: Product Name: Sunglasses MP3 PlayerModel Number: HY998Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Unique design: wirelessly combines the digital music MP3 player and the     polarized lens 2) Polarized lens...
lover house enquiry Quality Sunglasses MP3 enquiry
Alcohol Tester with LCD Clock
Alcohol Tester with LCD Clock
Model No.:CTO6248
Description: Function:1) Breath alcohol tester2) 3 test step with LED indication3) Safety: under 0.02% BAC (0.1 mg/L BRAC)4) Caution: 0.02%~0.05% BAC (0.1~0.25 mg/L BRAC)5) Danger: over 0.05% BRAC (0.25 mg/L BRAC)...
Fingerprint Flash Memory
Fingerprint Flash Memory
Model No.:CTO11922
Description: 1) Flash disk integrates with fingerprint biometrics for sensors, for security and privacy use    2) No need to install driver and software    3) Fingerprint identification with high accuracy and spee...
Alcohol Tester with LCD Clock enquiry Fingerprint Flash Memory enquiry
Shiny gold Promotional Watch
Shiny gold Promotional Watch
Model No.:CTO14828
Description: Colour: Shiny gold  Packing: Standard packing: a watch into a bubble bag, 20 pcs into an inner-box Introduce: alloy case, water & shock resistant constructions, swiss brand-name quartz movement, v...
8 or 10 Digits Calculator
8 or 10 Digits Calculator
Model No.:CTO15436
Description: 8/10 Digits Calculator   Unit Size: 64*114*21.5mm   Packing Size: 625*510*310mm   Weight: 400pcs/24kgs/31.3kgs    ...
Shiny gold Promotional Watch enquiry 8 or 10 Digits Calculator enquiry
8 Digits Calculator
8 Digits Calculator
Model No.:CTO15438
Description: 8 Digits Calculator   Unit Size: 63.5*114.5*18mm   Packing Size: 520*505*330mm   Weight: 400pcs/22.8kgs/27kgs...
8 or 10 Digits Calculator
8 or 10 Digits Calculator
Model No.:CTO15439
Description: 8/10 Digits Calculator   Unit Size: 64*114*21.5mm   Packing Size: 625*510*310mm   Weight: 400pcs/24kgs/31.3kgs...
8 Digits Calculator enquiry 8 or 10 Digits Calculator enquiry
8 or 10 Digits Calculator
8 or 10 Digits Calculator
Model No.:CTO15440
Description: 8/10 Digits Calculator   Unit Size: 87*52*11mm   Packing Size: 490*340*270mm   Weight: 400pcs/15.6kgs/18.9kgs...
8 Digits Calculator
8 Digits Calculator
Model No.:CTO15442
Description: 8 Digits Calculator   Unit Size: 64*114*21.5mm   Packing Size: 625*510*310mm   Weight: 400pcs/24kgs/31.3kgs...
8 or 10 Digits Calculator enquiry 8 Digits Calculator enquiry
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