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Just think of the many ways you could use the electricity generated by solar power! You can bring power to a shed, workshop or summerhouse for lighting, tools or an alarm system …power to electric gates and fences – without running cables across your garden or through your home …you could ventilate your greenhouse with an extractor fan …you can tricklecharge your car, motorhome or boat battery to extend its life.

Check out CTO Solar range of innovative solar gadgets. From the Scotty phone charger which is high tech, compact and flexible – allowing you to charge your mobile phone, iPod, camera etc through to our series of desktop toys – all solar powered.
  • Mobile Phone Solar Cases

    Mobile Phone Solar Cases
    Model No.:CTO32586
    Description: It is the solar case which can recharged by solar energe anywhere. The material is solar panel and the general leather. Fineness are also welcome the OEM/ODM working modual for you....


  • Solar Laptop Bag

    Solar Laptop Bag
    Model No.:CTO32585
    Description: Material: Nylon material Normally fits for 14-inch laptop computer The solar panel is removable functional and could charge for cell phone, e-reader and other mobile devices The parameter of solar pan...


  • Solar Lantern, Suitable for Camping, 230V Voltage, Rechargeable Transformer

    Solar Lantern, Suitable for Camping, 230V Voltage, Rechargeable Transformer
    Model No.:CTO48844
    Description: LED quantity: 20  Sealed-acid battery: 4V or 2.50Ah  Voltage: 230V  Frequency: 50Hz  Output: 12V DC, 500mA  Rechargeable transformer  Suitable for camping  Charging time: 8- to -10-hour ...


  • Pressure Solar Water Heater

    Pressure Solar Water Heater
    Model No.:CTO30685
    Description: The pipeline is made of all the red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid. Water can't flow in vacuum Tubes and operated when confined. The crust uses aluminum Alloy mould material of hi...


  • Flat Solar Water Heater

    Flat Solar Water Heater
    Model No.:CTO30686
    Description: 1) Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel with 0.4mm thickness 2) Outer tank: SUS430-2B stainless steel with 0.4mm thickness 3) Bracket: Stainless steel profiled bar with 1.2mm thickness 4) Tank capaci...


  • Solar Camping Shower

    Solar Camping Shower
    Model No.:CTO3774
    Description: Features: 1) Material: lightweight, non-toxic PVC 2) Solar heated 3) Compact and easy to use 4) Capacity available: 10L, 20L Inner packing: PVC bag with insert card...


  • 60W solar power generation kit

    60W solar power generation kit
    Model No.:CTO31478
    Description: 60W solar power generation kit   * Turns natural sunlight into electricity * Ideal for RVs, boats, and remote & backup power for cottage  * 60W 17.5V Solar panel * AC to DC power inverter, 15...


  • Solar Home Light, Solar Indoor Light

    Solar Home Light, Solar Indoor Light
    Model No.:CTO31597
    Description: 4 Bulbs, 4LEDs/bulbs Battery: 3 PCS NiMH, 1500mAh 3 Meter cables Lighting: 8 hours Powered by Sun Eco-friendly Both for light & decoration ...


  • solar lantern

    solar lantern
    Model No.:CTO23669
    Description: This product is one of new style lighting which can save energy and green environment ,it has long-life usage ,high brightness, save electric energy and so on .it does not need that city offer power ,...


  • Rock Solar Light

    Rock Solar Light 
    Model No.:CTO302
    Description: Model No.: Product Origin: China Brand Name: ZY Other Price Terms: FOB Shanghai, CIF Payment Terms: T/T, L/C  Supply Ability: 90,000pcs/month Minimum Order: 2,000pcs  ...


  • Solar Mobile charger with keychain

    Solar Mobile charger with keychain
    Model No.:CTO23853
    Description:  Handsome in appearance luxurious, ultra-thin design, fashionable and have a variety of color choices, Xiaoqiaolinglong, easy to carry, the application of green energy pioneers, elegant fashion, gifts...


  • Solar keychian with light

    Solar keychian with light
    Model No.:CTO30218
    Description: If you happen to be lost in the dark,chances are these days you will be buying these LED flashlights.The good thin about them as well is that you may not have to worry about battery replacement as the...


  • Plastic circular solar mosquito killer light,Solar Mosquito Killer,Solar Mosquito Trap

    Plastic circular solar mosquito killer light,Solar Mosquito Killer,Solar Mosquito Trap
    Model No.:CTO35208
    Description: 1.Solar Panel: Amorphous 72*60MM*4PCS            2.LED light: Purple LED, 6PCS            3.Battery: 1*3.2V, 1200mAh, lithium Battery(18650)            4.Color: Black            5.Body material : Plas...


  • Solar Fan Clip

    Solar Fan Clip
    Model No.:CTO32488
    Description: Function: 1)It is equipped with solar panel ,which convert the solar energy to electric energy to drive the fan on the cap. 2) Great for gardening, hiking, jogging, golfing, fishing, beach activities ...


  • Solar Floating Light

    Solar Floating Light
    Model No.:CTO33162
    Description: Solar Panel: With amorphous solar panel inside.            LED light: White, yellow, blue and color flow LED are available             Battery: 2XAAA 400mah            Body material: milky plastic    ...


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