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solar home lighting system
solar home lighting system
Model No.:CTO20
Description: Applications a. A solar compact system driving up to 12V DC lamps(LED lamp/fluorescent lamp)b. A charger for Fixed Wireless Phones, cell phone and small electronics gadgetsc. A home power sys...
solar home lighting system
solar home lighting system
Model No.:CTO22
Description: Applications a. A solar compact system driving up to 12V DC lamps(LED lamp/fluorescent lamp)b. A charger for Fixed Wireless Phones, cell phone and small electronics gadgetsc. A home power s...
solar home lighting system enquiry solar home lighting system enquiry
solar mobile phone charger
solar mobile phone charger
Model No.:CTO280
Description: name:solar charger model:Sb-001 size: Introduce:Plastic ABSSolar panel: Vm 3.8V  Lm 105ASilicon size: 60*50mmworks on more than 40 kinds mobile phones  (Nokia, Sony-Ericessen, Siemens, ...
digital voice recording pen
digital voice recording pen
Model No.:CTO1433
Description: Introduce:·Name:digital recording pen·Type:DVR-956A·Specification:32MB/64MB/128/MB/256/MB/512/MB/1GB·Colour:siliver-white mix with black nami glass·Volum:100mm*29mm*16mm·Weight:33kMain functio...
solar mobile phone charger enquiry digital voice recording pen enquiry
Mini Tray with Xmas Design
Mini Tray with Xmas Design
Model No.:CTO2282
Description: Features:  1) Size:      a) 4A-153: 28.6 x 20 x 2cm     b) 4A-154: 20.5 x 17.3 x 2.5cm     c) 4A-155: 18.5 x 19.2 x 2cm 2) Material: PP Inner packing: 5pcs/set/polybag with header Outer pa...
Pedometer with Radio
Pedometer with Radio
Model No.:CTO2550
Description: Features:  1) Materials: plastic or metal 2) Compact and novelty design 3) Count the step with big LCD display 4) Time, calorie, distance display  5) FM auto scan radio (87.5 - 108MHz) 6) High s...
Mini Tray with Xmas Design enquiry Pedometer with Radio enquiry
Silicone Rings
Silicone Rings
Model No.:CTO2613
Description: Features: 1) Silicone rings 2) Size: used for adults 3) Weight: 3g 4) Material: 100% silicone 5) Colors: single color, multicolors, mixed colors 6) Imprint: debossed logo or embossed logo ...
Crystal Perfume Bottle
Crystal Perfume Bottle
Model No.:CTO2639
Description: Features: 1) Size: 65 x 65 x 40mm 2) Manually made...
Silicone Rings enquiry Crystal Perfume Bottle enquiry
LED Traffic Sign, Signal Light
LED Traffic Sign, Signal Light
Model No.:CTO2978
Description: Features:  A. 1) Foglight 2) Yellow LED mcd: >12000mcd/ sheaf 3) View distance: >100m 4) View angle: >30 degree 5) Glint frequency: 1Hz(can change) 6) shape size: 200 x 200mm B 1) Traffic l...
Badge Reel
Badge Reel
Model No.:CTO3066
Description: Badge reel (36.5 x 52mm/19.5mm)w/60cm nylon cord, w/pvc strap(plastic)...
LED Traffic Sign, Signal Light enquiry Badge Reel enquiry
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