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Ashtray with Bottle Opener Gift Sets
Ashtray with Bottle Opener Gift Sets
Model No.:CTO10264
Description: Ashtray with Bottle Opener Gift Sets...
Ashtray with Circular Shape
Ashtray with Circular Shape
Model No.:CTO46783
Description: Size: diameter of 18.6cm  Height: 4cm  Weight: 950g  Packing:  2 pieces/inner box, 12 pieces/carton  Carton size: 40.5 x 29 x 23.5cm  Net weight: 11.5kg  Gross weight: 13.5kg ...
Ashtray with Bottle Opener Gift Sets enquiry Ashtray with Circular Shape enquiry
Ashtray with Crystal Holder, Other Finishes are Available
Ashtray with Crystal Holder, Other Finishes are Available
Model No.:CTO46966
Description: Modern ashtray made with aluminum  With crystal holder  Other finishes are available ...
Ashtray with Diameter of 10cm
Ashtray with Diameter of 10cm
Model No.:CTO46779
Description: Size:  Diameter: 10cm  Height: 4cm Weight: 460g  Packing:  2 pieces/inner box, 24 pieces/carton  Carton size: 33.5 x 23 x 22cm  Net weight: 11kg  Gross weight: 13kg ...
Ashtray with Crystal Holder, Other Finishes are Available enquiry Ashtray with Diameter of 10cm enquiry
Ashtray with Diameter of 11cm
Ashtray with Diameter of 11cm
Model No.:CTO46728
Description: Size:  Diameter: 11cm  Height: 3.4cm Weight: 380g  Packing:  2 pieces/inner box, 36 pieces/carton  Carton size: 36.5 x 36.5 x 20cm  Net weight: 13.5kg  Gross weight: 15.5kg ...
Ashtray with Diameter of 12cm
Ashtray with Diameter of 12cm
Model No.:CTO46757
Description: Size:  Diameter: 12cm  Height: 3.2cm Weight: 200g  Packing:  4 pieces/inner box, 48 pieces/carton  Carton size: 44 x 27 x 29cm  Net weight: 10kg  Gross weight: 12kg ...
Ashtray with Diameter of 11cm enquiry Ashtray with Diameter of 12cm enquiry
Ashtray with Diameter of 14.4cm
Ashtray with Diameter of 14.4cm
Model No.:CTO46777
Description: Size:  Diameter: 14.4cm  Height: 3.4cm Weight: 400g  Packing:  2 pieces/inner box, 24 pieces/carton  Carton size: 47 x 32 x 20cm  Net weight: 9.5kg  Gross weight: 11.5kg ...
Ashtray with Diameter of 8.4cm
Ashtray with Diameter of 8.4cm
Model No.:CTO46750
Description: Size: diameter of 8.4cm  Height: 3.5cm  Weight: 180g  Packing:  4 pieces/inner box, 72 pieces/carton  Carton size: 48.5 x 29 x 22cm  Net weight: 13kg  Gross weight: 15kg ...
Ashtray with Diameter of 14.4cm enquiry Ashtray with Diameter of 8.4cm enquiry
Ashtray with Embossed Design and Nickel Plating
Ashtray with Embossed Design and Nickel Plating
Model No.:CTO46879
Description: Nickel plated  Embossed design  Custom-made orders are welcome ...
Ashtray with Height of 3.3cm
Ashtray with Height of 3.3cm
Model No.:CTO46741
Description: Size:  Diameter: 12.8cm  Height: 3.3cm Weight: 350g  Packing:  2 pieces/inner box, 36 pieces/carton  Carton size: 42 x 35 x 31cm  Net weight: 12.5kg  Gross weight: 14.5kg ...
Ashtray with Embossed Design and Nickel Plating enquiry Ashtray with Height of 3.3cm enquiry

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