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14gg Womens Cardigan, Made of 70% Silk, 15% Cotton and 15% Cashmere
14gg Womens Cardigan, Made of 70% Silk, 15% Cotton and 15% Cashmere
Model No.:CTO55056
Description: Materials: 70% silk, 15% cotton and 15% cashmere Long sleeve cardigan, with 8 buttons at front panel for closure Suitable for spring and summer season Garment weight: 182g Gauge: 14gg Customi...
Baby Sweater with V-collar Cardigan and Cap, Made of 60% Rayon and 40% Cotton
Baby Sweater with V-collar Cardigan and Cap, Made of 60% Rayon and 40% Cotton
Model No.:CTO60775
Description: Materials: 60% rayon and 40% cotton  Colors: dark gray with multicolor stripes and embroidery  Anti-shrink and easy to wear  Available in various sizes...
14gg Womens Cardigan, Made of 70% Silk, 15% Cotton and 15% Cashmere enquiry Baby Sweater with V-collar Cardigan and Cap, Made of 60% Rayon and 40% Cotton enquiry
Children Cardigan Sweater
Children Cardigan Sweater
Model No.:CTO22476
Description: Features: 1) Girls' 100% cotton full zipper cardigan sweater 2) Size: 110 - 150cm 3) Gauge: 9gg Packing: 1pc/polybag...
Childrens Cardigan Sweater in Rose, Front with Buttons, Made of 100% Cotton
Childrens Cardigan Sweater in Rose, Front with Buttons, Made of 100% Cotton
Model No.:CTO55298
Description: Material: 100% cotton Color: rose Weight: 160g/12GG Detail: front with buttons...
Children Cardigan Sweater enquiry Childrens Cardigan Sweater in Rose, Front with Buttons, Made of 100% Cotton enquiry
Childrens Cardigan, Made of 85% Acrylic and 15% Knitted Wool
Childrens Cardigan, Made of 85% Acrylic and 15% Knitted Wool
Model No.:CTO55269
Description: Materials: 85% acrylic and 15% knitted wool Machine-made with pretty artwork Suitable for children...
Childrens Mohair and Acrylic Cardigan
Childrens Mohair and Acrylic Cardigan
Model No.:CTO22817
Description: Children's cardigan  Mohair/acrylic  Available in different colors  OEM orders are welcome...
Childrens Cardigan, Made of 85% Acrylic and 15% Knitted Wool enquiry Childrens Mohair and Acrylic Cardigan enquiry
Childrens Silk/Cashmere Zip Cardigan, Long-sleeve, with Print at Front
Childrens Silk/Cashmere Zip Cardigan, Long-sleeve, with Print at Front
Model No.:CTO55028
Description: Quality: 85% silk: 15% chashmere 2/48s Gauge: 14GG Weight: 122g (3-1/4lbs/dz)...
Fashionable Ladies Cardigan, Made of T/R with Woven Collar and Tie
Fashionable Ladies Cardigan, Made of T/R with Woven Collar and Tie
Model No.:CTO54856
Description: Ladies cardigan Material: T/R Woven collar and tie...
Childrens Silk/Cashmere Zip Cardigan, Long-sleeve, with Print at Front enquiry Fashionable Ladies Cardigan, Made of T/R with Woven Collar and Tie enquiry
Knitted Cardigan, Made of 100% Cotton, Available in Black and White, Suitable for Men
Knitted Cardigan, Made of 100% Cotton, Available in Black and White, Suitable for Men
Model No.:CTO55327
Description: Material: 100% cotton Gauge: 12GG Colors: black and white Suitable for men...
Ladies Cardigan Sweater in Solid Orange, Made of 100% Cotton
Ladies Cardigan Sweater in Solid Orange, Made of 100% Cotton
Model No.:CTO54824
Description: Material: 100% cotton Cardigan type Color: solid orange...
Knitted Cardigan, Made of 100% Cotton, Available in Black and White, Suitable for Men enquiry Ladies Cardigan Sweater in Solid Orange, Made of 100% Cotton enquiry
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