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3-In-1 Charger Kit for iPhone 3G/3GS
3-In-1 Charger Kit for iPhone 3G/3GS
Model No.:CTO32781
Description: 3-in-1 charger kit For iPhone 3G/3GS This 3 in 1 charger is designed for all iPhone models at home, in the office or in your vehicle via AC wall outlet, USB or cigarette lighter socket. It offers a pe...
3-in-1 Solar Charger with Emergency System for Travel, Trip/Outdoor, and Li-Pol Backup
3-in-1 Solar Charger with Emergency System for Travel, Trip/Outdoor, and Li-Pol Backup
Model No.:CTO48756
Description: Capacity: 1,350mAh/3.7V  Output voltage: 5.0V/8.4V DC  Output current: 700mA maximum  Input voltage: 5.0 to 5.5V DC  Input current: 800mA maximum  Charging time: Approximately 3.5 hours (by com...
3-In-1 Charger Kit for iPhone 3G/3GS enquiry 3-in-1 Solar Charger with Emergency System for Travel, Trip/Outdoor, and Li-Pol Backup enquiry
3-in-1 Solar Charger, Suitable for Outdoor Trip, with Li-Polymer Backup Battery Station
3-in-1 Solar Charger, Suitable for Outdoor Trip, with Li-Polymer Backup Battery Station
Model No.:CTO47702
Description: Capacity: 1350mAh, 3.7V  Output voltage: 5.0V DC ±0.2V  Output current: maximum 700mA  Input voltage: 5.0 to 5.5V AC  Input current: 800mA  Charging time: approximately 3.5 hours (by computer), a...
30 MIN Ultra battery charger
30 MIN Ultra battery charger
Model No.:CTO18890
Description: ★ 30 MIN Ultra battery charger    30Min full charging time special for 2100mAH Ni-MH battery   Suitable for 1-4pcs AA,1-2pcs AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery   Four independent charg...
3-in-1 Solar Charger, Suitable for Outdoor Trip, with Li-Polymer Backup Battery Station enquiry 30 MIN Ultra battery charger enquiry
3000mAh External Battery Charger Power Case for Samsung Galaxy Note i9200
3000mAh External Battery Charger Power Case for Samsung Galaxy Note i9200
Model No.:CTO64354
Description: Features Overview-Designed to provide external power for samsung Galaxy Note i9200-Built-in 3000mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery-It can also work as a protective case, form-fitting, ultra...
300W DC 12V to AC 220V Car Charger Power Inverter Adapter
300W DC 12V to AC 220V Car Charger Power Inverter Adapter
Model No.:CTO66238
Description: 300W DC 12V to AC 220V Car Charger Power Inverter Adapter Description: · Indicator light red one for fault, green one for power on. On/off switch to control the power.  · Built in a small fan for c...
3000mAh External Battery Charger Power Case for Samsung Galaxy Note i9200 enquiry 300W DC 12V to AC 220V Car Charger Power Inverter Adapter enquiry
4-5Hours fast smart charger
4-5Hours fast smart charger
Model No.:CTO18915
Description: ★ Features:  4-5Hours fast smart charger  Suitable for 2/4pcsAA/AAA1.2VNi-Mh/Ni-Cd rechargeable battery   Build in microprocessor controller with auto-stop function   Fas...
4-5Hours fast smart charger
4-5Hours fast smart charger
Model No.:CTO18918
Description: ★ Features: 4-5Hours fast smart charger  Suitable for 2/4pcsAA/AAA1.2VNi-Mh/Ni-Cd rechargeable battery   Build in microprocessor controller with auto-stop function  Fast/...
4-5Hours fast smart charger enquiry 4-5Hours fast smart charger enquiry
4.5V At Need Cellphone Charger/Flashlight
4.5V At Need Cellphone Charger/Flashlight
Model No.:CTO12558
Description: 4.5V At Need Cellphone Charger/Flashlight:use as gift,promote sales,etc.use in at need. QTY:100PCS,SIZE:33*18.5*52CM,G.W.:5.7KG,N.W.:5KG...
4.5W Series Car Charger with 4.2 to 8.0V Output Voltages
4.5W Series Car Charger with 4.2 to 8.0V Output Voltages
Model No.:CTO61361
Description: IC control circuit, apply to mobile phone, gamer, and more  Meet all related safety standard  Legerity and portable  Meet CPSIA HR4040 and Phthalates testing standard  Electrical characteristics...
4.5V At Need Cellphone Charger/Flashlight enquiry 4.5W Series Car Charger with 4.2 to 8.0V Output Voltages enquiry

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