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16-piece Round Dinnerware Set, Made of Porcelain and Measures 0.042cbm/Carton
16-piece Round Dinnerware Set, Made of Porcelain and Measures 0.042cbm/Carton
Model No.:CTO58879
Description: Composition:  4-piece x 10.5-inch dinner plate  4-piece x 5.5-inch bowl  4-piece x 7.5-inch salad plate  4-piece x 10oz-V mug Material: white porcelain  Grade: AB  Care and use: microwave and...
16-piece Square Dinnerware Set, Made of Porcelain, OEM Orders Welcomed
16-piece Square Dinnerware Set, Made of Porcelain, OEM Orders Welcomed
Model No.:CTO58882
Description: Service for four persons  Material: white porcelain  Grade: AB  Composition:  4-piece x 10.5-inch dinner plate  4-piece x 9-inch soup plate  4-piece x 8-inch salad plate  4-piece x 12oz-U mug...
16-piece Round Dinnerware Set, Made of Porcelain and Measures 0.042cbm/Carton enquiry 16-piece Square Dinnerware Set, Made of Porcelain, OEM Orders Welcomed enquiry
20-piece Square Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Customized Sizes Available
20-piece Square Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Customized Sizes Available
Model No.:CTO58873
Description: Service for 4 persons  Composition:  4-piece x 10.5-inch dinner plate  4-piece x 9-inch soup plate  4-piece x 8-inch salad plate  4-piece x 200cc cup and saucer Material: white porcelain  G...
30-piece Round Porcelain Dinnerware Set with Gold Decal, Service for 6 Persons
30-piece Round Porcelain Dinnerware Set with Gold Decal, Service for 6 Persons
Model No.:CTO58880
Description: Composition:  6 pieces x 10.5-inch dinner plate  6 pieces x 8-inch soup plate  6 pieces x 7.5-inch salad plate  6 pieces x 200cc cup and saucer Packing:  Inner packing: 1 set/color box  O...
20-piece Square Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Customized Sizes Available enquiry 30-piece Round Porcelain Dinnerware Set with Gold Decal, Service for 6 Persons enquiry
47-piece Round Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Available in Various Sizes
47-piece Round Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Available in Various Sizes
Model No.:CTO58877
Description: Porcelain dinnerware set 47 pieces, service for 8 persons  Composition:  8 pieces x 10.5-inch dinner plate  8 pieces x 8-inch soup plate  8 pieces x 7.5-inch salad plate  8 pieces x 220cc cup...
Bamboo Dinnerware/Utensil Set/Cooks Tools, Available in Natural Color, Eco-friendly
Bamboo Dinnerware/Utensil Set/Cooks Tools, Available in Natural Color, Eco-friendly
Model No.:CTO59847
Description: Material: bamboo  Color: natural color  Eco-friendly  Suitable for promotional purposes  Customized designs, shapes and logos are accepted  Very convenient to use  Resists odor, water and bacter...
47-piece Round Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Available in Various Sizes enquiry Bamboo Dinnerware/Utensil Set/Cooks Tools, Available in Natural Color, Eco-friendly enquiry
Basket with Plastic Picnic Dinnerware for 4 Persons
Basket with Plastic Picnic Dinnerware for 4 Persons
Model No.:CTO45378
Description: Basket Size: 46x30(24)x20H bamboo picnic basket for 4, Including full sets of dinnerware as catalogue pictures shown.  ...
Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Customized Logos are Accepted, OEM Orders are Welcome
Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Customized Logos are Accepted, OEM Orders are Welcome
Model No.:CTO59283
Description: Materials: ceramic and stoneware  Colors: glazed  OEM orders are welcome  Designs: white, color glazed, decal and hand-painted  Customized logos, shapes, sizes and designs are accepted  Meets E...
Basket with Plastic Picnic Dinnerware for 4 Persons enquiry Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Customized Logos are Accepted, OEM Orders are Welcome enquiry
Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Includes 4 Dishes, 1 Bowl and 1 Spoon, with Natural Color
Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Includes 4 Dishes, 1 Bowl and 1 Spoon, with Natural Color
Model No.:CTO59268
Description: Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 2cm  Net/gross weight: 17/18kg  Color: natural  Material: bamboo  Feature: eco-friendly  With ISO 9001: 2008, LFGB and FSC marks  Usage: kitchen  Style: modern ...
Dinnerware Set, Available in Various Sizes, Made of Porcelain
Dinnerware Set, Available in Various Sizes, Made of Porcelain
Model No.:CTO58861
Description: Material: porcelain  Suitable for children  Includes:  8 inches plate  300ml mug  5.25 inches bowl, cup and spoon Packing:  Quantity: 1 set/gift box and 8 sets/carton  Volume: 0.039cbm/car...
Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Includes 4 Dishes, 1 Bowl and 1 Spoon, with Natural Color enquiry Dinnerware Set, Available in Various Sizes, Made of Porcelain enquiry

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