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1,024 x 600p 10.1-inch Tablet PC with 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory and Wi-Fi Connectivity
1,024 x 600p 10.1-inch Tablet PC with 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory and Wi-Fi Connectivity
Model No.:CTO45309
Description: CPU: iMAPx210 1GHz 16KB L2 cache  LCD screen: 10.1-inch 1,024 x 600p  RAM: 256MB DDR2  ROM (storage): NAND flash (MLC), 2 to 16GB  Graphic card: supports 2D/3D OpenGL ES 1.1 ($2.0)  SD/MMC card: ...
1,024 x 600p 10.1-inch Tablet PC with Wi-Fi Connectivity and 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory
1,024 x 600p 10.1-inch Tablet PC with Wi-Fi Connectivity and 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory
Model No.:CTO45297
Description: CPU: iMAP x 210 1GHz 16KB L2 cache  LCD screen: 10.1-inch 1,024 x 600p  RAM: 256MB DDR2  ROM (storage): NAND flash (MLC), 2 to 16GB  Graphics card: supports 2D/3D OpenGL ES 1.1 ($2.0)  SD/MMC car...
1,024 x 600p 10.1-inch Tablet PC with 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory and Wi-Fi Connectivity enquiry 1,024 x 600p 10.1-inch Tablet PC with Wi-Fi Connectivity and 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory enquiry
1.5 inch glow stick
1.5 inch glow stick
Model No.:CTO12409
Description: Packing Description:bulk:600pcs/foilbag;24foilbags/ctn;14400pcs/ctnpacked up:[1pcs/foilbag; 25inner/ctn;4800pcs/ctn;50x39x36.5cm;9.6kg]Carton Size: 42x28x33cmG.W./N.W.: 17kg/16kg...
10 Pieces Non-stick Cookware Set, Made of Die-cast Aluminum, Available in Various Sizes
10 Pieces Non-stick Cookware Set, Made of Die-cast Aluminum, Available in Various Sizes
Model No.:CTO60343
Description: Material: aluminum  Includes:  Soup pot: 24/28cm  Square casserole: 28cm  Shallow soup pan: 28cm  Sauce pan: 18cm Available in various sizes  Packing:  Color box  Quantity: 10 pieces/set...
1.5 inch glow stick enquiry 10 Pieces Non-stick Cookware Set, Made of Die-cast Aluminum, Available in Various Sizes enquiry
10-piece Aluminum Non-stick Cookware Set with Fashionable Handle and Knob, OEM Orders are Welcome
10-piece Aluminum Non-stick Cookware Set with Fashionable Handle and Knob, OEM Orders are Welcome
Model No.:CTO60347
Description: Material: aluminum  Inner: two layers non-stick coating  Outer: high temperature painting  Handle: Bakelite  Includes:  16cm saucepan  20, 24 or 28cm saucepot  26cm fry pan  28cm wok Thickn...
10.1-inch Tablet PC with 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory and Wi-Fi Connectivity
10.1-inch Tablet PC with 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory and Wi-Fi Connectivity
Model No.:CTO45287
Description: CPU: iMAPx 210 and 1GHz  LCD screen: 10.1-inch and 1,024 x 600  Ram: DDR2 256MB up to 512MB  Rom (storage): NAND flash (MLC) 2 to 16GB  Graphics card: supports 2/3D and OpenGL ES  SD and MMC card...
10-piece Aluminum Non-stick Cookware Set with Fashionable Handle and Knob, OEM Orders are Welcome enquiry 10.1-inch Tablet PC with 256MB DDR2 Internal Memory and Wi-Fi Connectivity enquiry
12inch Glow Stick
12inch Glow Stick
Model No.:CTO9597
Description: Specifications: 1) Diameter: 1"  2) Sizes: 12" and 15" 3) Glows directly after activation for glow 12 - 24 hours 4) Usage life: 2 years 5) Applications: lighting, safety signs, sports, entertainm...
14pcs Non-Stick Cookware Set
14pcs Non-Stick Cookware Set
Model No.:CTO4707
Description: Features:  1) Material: quality aluminum alloy 2) FDA-approved non-stick coating inside 3) With outer finish of powder and high-temperature paint 4) Optional handles (bakelite, wooden, detachable)...
12inch Glow Stick enquiry 14pcs Non-Stick Cookware Set enquiry
15 x 100mm Mega Glow Stick with Whistle, ASTM-, CE- and EN71-approved
15 x 100mm Mega Glow Stick with Whistle, ASTM-, CE- and EN71-approved
Model No.:CTO45192
Description: Material: PE  Wrapped with lanyard/string enclosed  Size: 15 x 100mm  Available in various colors  ASTM-, CE- and EN71-approved ...
15-piece Non-stick Aluminum Alloy Cookware Set, Available in Various Colors
15-piece Non-stick Aluminum Alloy Cookware Set, Available in Various Colors
Model No.:CTO60356
Description: Material: aluminum alloy  Coating:  Interior: 2 layers black non-stick coating  Exterior: colorful heat-proof painting Handles: bakelite  Colors: blue, marine, pink and peach  Quantity: 15 p...
15 x 100mm Mega Glow Stick with Whistle, ASTM-, CE- and EN71-approved enquiry 15-piece Non-stick Aluminum Alloy Cookware Set, Available in Various Colors enquiry
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