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3-in-1 Steamer Cooker with Dehydrator
3-in-1 Steamer Cooker with Dehydrator
Model No.:CTO60444
Description: Compact, three-in-one gadget:  Dehydrator  Steamer  Rice cooker  Converts from steamer to dehydrator or rice cooker in just seconds  Easy to use and clean  Steamer:  -Steam cooking holds in...
3pcs steam cooker
3pcs steam cooker
Model No.:CTO22118
Description: dia: 18cmcolor box24/0.134cmd...
3-in-1 Steamer Cooker with Dehydrator enquiry 3pcs steam cooker enquiry
3Ply Pressure Cooker
3Ply Pressure Cooker
Model No.:CTO28678
Description: - 3 plies of board enables to reduce cooking hours and to save energy - Innovative design - Low heat, low moisture cooking system to help food - retain their natural color, flavor and nutrients. - 3-p...
4 Pcs Pressure Cooker Set
4 Pcs Pressure Cooker Set
Model No.:CTO28682
Description: 1) 1pc 4L body, dia 22cm, thickness 1.2mm 2) 1pc 8L body, dia 22 cm, thickness 1.2mm 3) 1pc steel lid, thickness 1.2mm 4) 1pc clean glass lid with knob, thickness 0.4mm 5) 6.5mm capsuled bottom(5mm Al...
3Ply Pressure Cooker enquiry 4 Pcs Pressure Cooker Set enquiry
4L Rice Cooker with Non-stick Coating, 220 to 240V Voltage, 2.0mm Thickness
4L Rice Cooker with Non-stick Coating, 220 to 240V Voltage, 2.0mm Thickness
Model No.:CTO60517
Description: Inner pot material: aluminum alloy  Capacity: 4L  Voltage: 220 to 240V  Frequency: 50/60Hz  Power: 50W  Thickness: 2.0mm  Reinforced upper cover  LCD display and timer function  3-D keeps wa...
6L Pressure Cooker in Straight and Belly Shapes and Scientific Design, Easy to Use
6L Pressure Cooker in Straight and Belly Shapes and Scientific Design, Easy to Use
Model No.:CTO60530
Description: Materials:  18/8 stainless steel (SUS304)  Handle: heat-resistant bakelite Capacity: 6L  Body shapes: straight and belly  Finish:  Outside: mirror polish  Inside: satin finish  Bottom: com...
4L Rice Cooker with Non-stick Coating, 220 to 240V Voltage, 2.0mm Thickness enquiry 6L Pressure Cooker in Straight and Belly Shapes and Scientific Design, Easy to Use enquiry
7 eggs Egg Cooker
7 eggs Egg Cooker
Model No.:CTO31792
Description: 1. Good for steaming small stuffed bun and dumpling 2. Having power light and automatic buzzer 3. Switch control (stop and heat) 4. Safe, graceful-shaped, transparent cover 5. Measuring cup put inside...
7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Corrosion-resistant, Easy to Use
7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Corrosion-resistant, Easy to Use
Model No.:CTO60501
Description: Capacity: 4 + 6L  Sturdy design  Easy to use  Corrosion-resistant  Includes:  One piece stainless steel cover with sealing  One piece tempered glass lid  One piece steamer  One piece extra s...
7 eggs Egg Cooker enquiry 7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Corrosion-resistant, Easy to Use enquiry
7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Made of Stainless Steel
7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Made of Stainless Steel
Model No.:CTO60503
Description: Material: stainless steel  Capacity: 3 + 6L  Includes:  One piece stainless steel cover with sealing  One piece tempered glass lid  One piece steamer  One piece extra sealing...
7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Made of Stainless Steel, Corrosion-resistant
7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Made of Stainless Steel, Corrosion-resistant
Model No.:CTO60510
Description: Material: stainless steel  Capacity: 4 + 6L  Corrosion-resistant  Includes:  One piece stainless steel cover with sealing  One piece tempered glass lid  One piece steamer  One piece extra sea...
7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Made of Stainless Steel enquiry 7 Pieces Pressure Cooker Set, Made of Stainless Steel, Corrosion-resistant enquiry
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