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2-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Ball Pen and Keychain, Ashtray, Belt and Tie
2-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Ball Pen and Keychain, Ashtray, Belt and Tie
Model No.:CTO46802
Description: Includes: ball pen and keychain in tin gift box  Ashtray, letter opener, knife, wallet, belt and tie are also available  Suitable for gift purposes  Outer packing:  Quantity: 100-box/carton  Ca...
2mm Stationery Scissors with PP/TPR Handles
2mm Stationery Scissors with PP/TPR Handles
Model No.:CTO29340
Description: Material: 2Cr13 stainless steel  PP/TPR handles  Plastic nut  Thickness: 2mm  Available size: 7 inches  For office and home usage ...
2-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Ball Pen and Keychain, Ashtray, Belt and Tie enquiry 2mm Stationery Scissors with PP/TPR Handles enquiry
Model No.:CTO51239
3 layers stationery cabinet
3 layers stationery cabinet
Model No.:CTO17433
Description: prodult name    3 layers stationery cabinet units     quatity    18  weight    14  pure weight    12  MES (cm)   73x37.5x60 ...
3 FOLD GUEST STATIONERY BOOK enquiry 3 layers stationery cabinet enquiry
3 Pieces Stationery Gift Set, Includes Notebook, Keychain and Ballpen
3 Pieces Stationery Gift Set, Includes Notebook, Keychain and Ballpen
Model No.:CTO57387
Description: Includes: notebook, keychain and ballpen  Available in a tin gift box  Ashtray, letter opener, knife, wallet, belt and tie are also available  Packing:  Quantity: 60 boxes/carton  Carton dime...
3-piece Stationery Gift Set with Alarm Clock, Keychain and Mirror, Small Orders are Welcome
3-piece Stationery Gift Set with Alarm Clock, Keychain and Mirror, Small Orders are Welcome
Model No.:CTO57382
Description: Includes: alarm clock, keychain and mirror in gift box  Suitable for promotional gifts  Ashtray, letter opener, knife, mirror, wallet, belt, watch and tie are also available  Small orders are wel...
3 Pieces Stationery Gift Set, Includes Notebook, Keychain and Ballpen enquiry 3-piece Stationery Gift Set with Alarm Clock, Keychain and Mirror, Small Orders are Welcome enquiry
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Equipped with Name Card Holder, Ballpen, and Keychain in Tin Gift Box
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Equipped with Name Card Holder, Ballpen, and Keychain in Tin Gift Box
Model No.:CTO57386
Description: Includes ballpen, name card holder, and keychain  Ashtray, letter opener, knife, wallet, belt, watch and tie are also available  Suitable for promotions and gifts purposes  Outer packing:  Qua...
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Alarm Clock, Keychain and Ball Pen
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Alarm Clock, Keychain and Ball Pen
Model No.:CTO57380
Description: 3-piece set  Suitable for promotional gifts  Includes: alarm clock, keychain and ball pen ...
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Equipped with Name Card Holder, Ballpen, and Keychain in Tin Gift Box enquiry 3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Alarm Clock, Keychain and Ball Pen enquiry
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Wallet, Ball Pen and Keychain, Ashtray Also Available
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Wallet, Ball Pen and Keychain, Ashtray Also Available
Model No.:CTO46803
Description: Includes: ball pen, wallet and keychain in gift box  Suitable for promotional purposes  Ashtray, letter opener, knife, mirror, wallet, belt, watch and tie are also available  Small orders are acc...
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Small Orders are Welcome, Includes Ball Pen, Watch and Keychain
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Small Orders are Welcome, Includes Ball Pen, Watch and Keychain
Model No.:CTO58075
Description: 3-piece includes keychain, watch and ball pen in gift box  Suitable for promotional purposes  Ashtray, letter opener, knife, mirror, wallet, belt, watch and tie are also available  Small orders a...
3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Includes Wallet, Ball Pen and Keychain, Ashtray Also Available enquiry 3-piece Stationery Gift Set, Small Orders are Welcome, Includes Ball Pen, Watch and Keychain enquiry
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