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Why Use & Re-Use?
Birth: Compared to plastic, making a paper bag emits 70% more global warming gasses, creates 50 times more water pollution, uses 4 times more raw materials, and consumes 3.5 times more energy.

Life: Once used, paper bags are unlikely to be re-used. They tear easily and are made for one time usage.

Death: Eighty percent of all paper bags end up in landfills. There, they do not biodegrade because of a lack of oxygen. They also cost more to landfill because they take up much more space by weight and volume than plastic bags do.

So how's that 2010 new years resolution going? Well, if you're like many or even most of us, you may have already given up. It can be extremely difficult to change one habit. In fact, we may go year after year making the same promise to ourselves to break a bad habit. Then we break the promise of breaking that habit (sound familiar smokers, habitual soda drinkers, or fast-food eaters?). It's a vicious cycle! How do we break it?

CTO propose we adopt a strategy of changing a variety of simple and easy things in our lives, right now, instead of having just one goal for change. What if changing in just one way is not enough? As we make decisions to change, even in small ways, we gain momentum and confidence in our ability to make positive changes regarding some of the more difficult things like working out regularly and finally losing that extra weight. So let's start building that confidence!

  • Yoyo

    Model No.:CTO37997
    Description: Yoyo made from recycled CD cases....


  • Recycled T Shirt

    Recycled T Shirt
    Model No.:CTO38026
    Description: White T Shirt - 50% recycled cotton 50% recycled drinks bottles. 175 gsm. Price includes one colour print one side....


  • Recycled Plastic Toilet Brush and Holder

    Recycled Plastic Toilet Brush and Holder
    Model No.:CTO38027
    Description: Recycled Plastic Toilet Brush and Holder in white recycled plastic...


  • Leather Credit Cardholder with clear pockets

    Leather Credit Cardholder with clear pockets
    Model No.:CTO38023
    Description: In recycled standard, or recycled supersoft leather, Pantone matched to your house colours, or traditional colours, and delivered within standard leadtimes. Price includes printing one position. ...


  • Toilet Roll in Recycled paper

    Toilet Roll in Recycled paper
    Model No.:CTO38020
    Description: 240 Sheets per roll x 4 to a pack. Priced Plain no print. ...


  • Recycled Polypropylene A5 Document Wallet

    Recycled Polypropylene A5 Document Wallet
    Model No.:CTO38012
    Description: Size 165 x 225 x 20mm. Made from recycled polypropylene. Supplied flat for self assembly. Price includes one colour print. ...


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