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With imprinted flash drives being the new high impact promotional product, believes in offering drives that are also environmentally conscience. That is why we offer bamboo drives, wood drives and plastic biodegradable lead free drives. Eco friendly flash drives are better for the environment because the materials used, such as lead-free solders, are more easily decomposed than their traditional counterparts and are less harmful to the environment. Please contact your sales representative for more information on these innovative promotional items!
  • 1GB Bamboo Flash Drive w/Keychain

    1GB Bamboo Flash Drive w/Keychain
    Model No.:CTO39888
    Description: 1GB flash drive Set in Bamboo instead of plastic  Attached keychain for convenient portability An environmentally smart promotional product...


  • Recycled Twister FlashDrive

    Recycled Twister FlashDrive
    Model No.:CTO43028
    Description: NAME:  Recycled Twister FlashDrive CATEGORY:  ECO-FRIENDLY USB FLASH DRIVES DESCRIPTION:  Popular Twister flash drive made from recycled plastics, ideal for those looking for an environ...


  • 128MB Wood Flash Drive - Rounded

    128MB Wood Flash Drive - Rounded
    Model No.:CTO39897
    Description: 128MB flash drive  Set in Wood instead of plastic Rounded eliptical design Perfect Eco-Friendly Promotional Product Also available in 64MB...


  • 128MB Bamboo Flash Drive w/Keychain

    128MB Bamboo Flash Drive w/Keychain
    Model No.:CTO39896
    Description: 128MB flash drive Set in Bamboo instead of plastic  Attached keychain for convenient portability An environmentally smart promotional product Also available in 64MB...


  • 128MB Bamboo Flash Drive

    128MB Bamboo Flash Drive
    Model No.:CTO39894
    Description: 128MB flash drive Set in bamboo instead of plastic Thin design Perfect Eco-Friendly Promotional Product Also available in 64MB...


  • USB flash drive with recycled paper casing

    USB flash drive with recycled paper casing
    Model No.:CTO39892
    Description: USB Flash Drive. Recycled paper casing. ...


  • USB flash drive has recycled paper casing

    USB flash drive has recycled paper casing
    Model No.:CTO39890
    Description: 128MB - USB Flash Drive. Recycled paper casing. ...


  • 128MB - Flash drive in recycled paper casing

    128MB - Flash drive in recycled paper casing
    Model No.:CTO39889
    Description: 128MB - USB Flash Drive. Recycled paper casing. ...


  • Boulder Smooth Usb Flash Drive- Recycled Plastic

    Boulder Smooth Usb Flash Drive- Recycled Plastic
    Model No.:CTO39884
    Description: The Boulder Custom Branded Usb Flash Drive Features A Smooth Finish And Sleek Design The Pill Shaped Drive Has A Large Imprint Area On Both The Cap And The Body Black Neck Lanyard  Vinyl Snap Pou...


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