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The Solar Lanterns developed by CTO has been designed as a low-cost alternative to solar home systems. Sunshine falling onto a photovoltaic panel charges the solar lanterns battery so that the lantern can provide light at night. It is ideal for any application where there is no local connection to grid electricity. It also has important applications where there is inconsistent or unreliable supply.

These solar powered lanterns are targeted at those households who currently use kerosene or candles and would like to upgrade to a more efficient form of lighting, but for whom a stand-alone solar home system is too expensive. Also good for Roadside vendors / hawkers
  • Solar Lantern, Suitable for Camping, 230V Voltage, Rechargeable Transformer

    Solar Lantern, Suitable for Camping, 230V Voltage, Rechargeable Transformer
    Model No.:CTO48844
    Description: LED quantity: 20  Sealed-acid battery: 4V or 2.50Ah  Voltage: 230V  Frequency: 50Hz  Output: 12V DC, 500mA  Rechargeable transformer  Suitable for camping  Charging time: 8- to -10-hour ...


  • solar lantern

    solar lantern
    Model No.:CTO23669
    Description: This product is one of new style lighting which can save energy and green environment ,it has long-life usage ,high brightness, save electric energy and so on .it does not need that city offer power ,...


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