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Solar Road Stud from China
Solar Road Stud
Product Name: Solar Road Stud
Model No.:CTO28451
U.Price: Negotiable
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms:T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Negotiable
Product Origin: China
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Detailed Product Description

Product Description
Solar Plastic Road Stud (Battery)
Arc shape, more solid body, different LED Color
Size: DIA116*21mm
Shell Color: White or black
Weight: 0.292kgs
Packing: In carton. 60pcs/carton, Carton size: 38*28*28cm, 52000pcs/20FT container
MOQ: 100pcs

Key features:
Round design creates good appearance while relieving the impaction from traffic load so as to be durable
Two reinforced veins are designed inside to strengthen compression resistance.
Shell adopts one-off molding, greatly improving its Compression resistance. Solar panel, electronics and optics are fitted inside Material of shell: , dustproof and unbreakable up to International Standard IP68.
Two screw holes are designed on both sides so as to be fitted firmly in road section with high requirement of stability.
Technical features:
Item Description
Solar cell Type Mono crystalline
Voltage 4V
Current 65MA
Battery Type Heat-resistance Ni-MH
Voltage 2.4V
Capacity 600MAH(Flash) 800Mah(steady)
Circle life 1000 circle(over 3 year)
Work temperature -20C-+70C
LED frequency 4Hz or steady
Size Φ5mm
Number 2X3PCS
Color White, yellow, red, blue, green
Flash way Blink or steady
Luminous intensity 8000-10000mcd
Control circuits IC
Operating time (single-side) charged in the sun for 8 hours available for 72 hours blinking lighting and 32 hours constant lighting
Compression resistance over 10 Ton
Starting intensity 500 LUX
Application situation Edge line
Life in use 3 year
Warrant 1year
Material of body shell: PC
Material of body inside Epoxy glue
Water proof IP68
View distance: Over 500m
Installation Procedure:
1. Check if the solar stud charge and discharge in normal way;
2. Identify the place and distance for installation and clean road surface;
3. Clean the bottom of the solar stud and stick it onto the road surface;
4. Steady it with two screws if road condition is bad such as sandy road.
5. Dont put them into use till 4 hours later when they are completely dry.
6. Can be also installed onto column post.

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